Import AS400 Files into MS-SQL Server

using SSMS Server Import and Export Wizard

Step-by-Step using the SSMS SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to import AS400 files into SQL Server tables.  Note:  If you haven’t already done so, see my instructions to correct the IBM Data Providers that are used by the Wizard (Correcting the IBM Data Provider Mapping Files).

Figure 1 – After selecting the Source, click properties to set the connection information. 

Note: Test both IBMDA400 and IBMDASQL for speed.  In my tests, IBMDASQL is much, much faster.

Figure 2 – after entering the connection information, click the ALL tab to set the default Libraries.
Figure 3 – Edit Mappings to review translations and PREVIEW to see a sample of translated results.
Figure 4 – Optionally save the SSIS package to run at a later time.
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