TMA Software Installation Support

TMA Installation SupportAbout our TMA Graphics400 Software

TMA Graphics400 applications present iSeries and SQL information in familiar Windows forms. Some applications are inquiry only while others allow maintenance directly to system data.  In the Graphics400 screens, you will see familiar Windows controls, like drop-down selection boxes, pop-up calendars, buttons, and option boxes.  Extracted information is presented in charts, interactive grids, and reports, with options to export to Excel.

The TMA apps install on the user’s desktop.  They are compatible with all versions of Windows, starting with Win XP.  You must have IBM iSeries Access installed and configured for an iSeries connection, and the install must include the IBM DB2.Net provider.  If you are running WinXP or an older version of Win7, you may not have the latest MS-Net Framework installed.  If not, the TMA App will prompt you and guide you through the installation.

Many of the TMA apps are generic in design.  Those written specifically for PRMS are supported in all environments since V8.4.  Some run as-is and others require related installs or setup on the iSeries.  We also have Graphics400 apps that are custom designed for specific clients needs and those that work in conjunction with our own iSeries applications.  We also have applications that interface to both PRMS and MS-SQL databases.

Installation Notes:

To install an application, click on the Application Name below. When the Install Web Page appears, click on INSTALL.  Always select RUN when prompted.  Once the app has been installed, it will place a short-cut ICON on your desktop and prompt you to complete the PREFERENCES page.  In the Preferences, you will enter the information needed to connect to your iSeries and to a specific PRMS or SEQUEL Server environment.  Once the Preferences have been defined, click on APPLY and if no errors, you will be prompted to accept the change connections, starting the application.

Our User-Controlled, Interactive Data Grids:

One of the common tools you will see in most all Graphics400 apps is the user-controlled, interactive grid. You have options to hide/show columns, save grid views, filter, sort, create subtotals and drill-downs, and export to excel.  Many apps have summary grids that drill-down to more detail information.  Reports are generally launched from the grid views, utilizing any filters that you have applied.

Common Installation Issues:

  1. The IBM DB2.Net data provider was not installed during the installation of iSeries Access.  By default, the typical install options do not include the data provider, you must re-install or add features to selectively add the data provider.
  2. Access is denied to machine.config file.   The path is in “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config\machine.config.  Try granting permissions to the folder and sub-folders.
  3. Corrupted files.  Slow Internet will cause the install process to fail and generate a corrupted file message.  Try the install again.